Drain Cleaning

High pressure drain cleaning or jetting makes use of a petrol motor to force water through a bullet shaped nozzle at high pressure, to clear blockages that may be caused by roots/fatty build up or sand. The pressurized pipe forces the nozzle through the blockage with high speed to break through and allows for matter like fat or sand to be brought back up through the drainage system and removed. This technique is used when ordinary drain rodding is not sufficient or when any sand is causing a blockage. Our equipment can be used on a sewer or storm water lines up to 300mm wide and makes light work of most stubborn drainage build-ups.
The rig or trailer is equipped with a water tank and carries the hose reel with the jetting engine. However, the trolley can also be removed from the trailer to be used in ‘difficult to get to’ areas and a garden hose pipe can be connected to the rig for it to work. The hose is also 80m long to allow for penetration far from the service area.
  • Our trailer type rig can also be converted in to a trolley type machine, allowing for difficult access areas.

  • We can clean pipes up to 300mm large.

  • We can clean any length pipe with a reach of 80m.

  • We are able to clean what others can’t including sand, cement, mud, sludge, fats and oils.

  • Our system allows for pressure setting according to the job type and drain being cleaned.

  • We have equipment to clean roadways, driveways and paving using the pressure washing tool.

Camera inspection

Our inspection camera is equipped with a 30m cable for assessment of sewer or storm water lines that may be broken or damaged. This equipment gives us the ability to assess problematic drain lines without having to dig open ground and locate. The system is also able to record video footage of the inspection that can be sent on to customers in the form of reports.

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