KD Plumbing Services

Geyser Replacement, Inspections and Repairs

Burst geysers, faulty valves, replacement pipe and electrical issues are all a part of the service excellence provided by KD Plumbing. Your safety is our concern and our qualified staff ensure that high standards are maintained. We offer an emergency plumbing service for your convenience.

(certificate of compliance)

Before transfer of a property, the seller must submit a certificate from an accredited plumber certifying that :
The water installation conforms to the national building regulations and this By-law. There are no defects. The water meter registers and there is no discharge of stormwater into the sewer system.

Toilet Replacement and Repair

While installing a new toilet can be the best option for a troublesome fixture, it is not necessarily the only solution. When a few repairs would be enough to correct the problem, it is always best to consult with the specialists, and we at KD Plumbing pride ourselves on ensuring the best advice and service.

Solar installations

We supply solar geysers, timers and panels to meet all your alternative energy requirements. Contact us and have us design a system that suits your requirements.

Heat pump installations

Heap pumps supplied by KD Plumbing are suited to the South African climate. Heat pumps use up to 70% less household energy and therefore costs you less. The units have built in timers so heating can be done during the most suitable times. Heat pumps operate with standard high pressure or low pressure geysers and storage cylinders and can be retrofitted to existing geysers and in conjunction with solar heaters. Heat pumps are environmentally responsible, they are exceptionally energy efficient and low maintenance.

Blocked Drains

KD Plumbing has vast knowledge in this area and offer Cable Drain Cleaning to remove stubborn blockages and large roots. We repair Sewer and Storm water lines. Shower, Basin and Sink Blockages. Gully blockages. Storm water blockages. Chat with us regarding a maintenance contract ensuring your drains are maintained and cleaned avoiding costly repairs.

Burst Pipes

KD Plumbing will respond to you speedily, however until we arrive a few precautions to avoid additional costs are incurred – Collect water from the leak in a bucket. Turn off your electricity at the mains and don’t touch any wiring or switches that you think may have been affected.

Pex Piping

Pex Piping is the biggest plumbing revolution since the flush toilet. This flexible tube is light weight, does not require elbow fittings and can be installed in long runs without requiring coupling fittings. It does not pit or corrode and conserves energy. It is very cost effective and reduces the chances for expensive callbacks.