Leak Detection

Leak detection allows for locating of leaks which cannot be found, or pin pointing of leaks which are noticeable across a broad area. In today’s water crisis, leaking pipes and water wastage are issues which cannot be left unattended. Limited water supplies cannot be diminished wastefully for everyone in the Western Cape, and any leaking pipes can lead to hefty bills and associated fines.

  • Faster way to find leaks by use of specialised equipment.

  • Safe by means of tracer gas, sound or damp equipment.

  • Non-intrusive, meaning less breaking by locating the leak without chopping or lifting flooring unnecessarily.

  • Leak detection provides the ability to locate hidden leaks on your plumbing system which otherwise could not be located.

What do to if you suspect a leak:

The first thing to do is check your water meter. If there is movement on your meter, make sure all your water outlets are turned off and check once again. Movement on your meter without any water consumption means that you have leak on your property. Our leak detection equipment is what you need to then locate the leak and repair it. If in doubt call us to arrange for a leak detection to be done.

How it works:

We have three ways in which we locate a leak using our leak detection equipment:

1. Stethophone – Acoustic sound equipment used for ground and walls. This method is first choice in locating a leak which is not visable on a property.

2. Hydrogen Gas – We pump Hydrogen Gas through your pipe system, and use a ‘Snooper’ detector unit to find gas readings to locate and pin point your leak.

3. Thermal Imaging – Thermal imaging allows for a heat radiated image to be broadcast to a hand held camera. This allows us to see any hot water leakage, and heat differentials in walls and floors. This will also form part of the post leak detection report.

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